Onwardclick exchange works to continually target and match traffic with the right advertisers. This way, we always deliver the best results for our clients.


When you sign up as an advertiser, you will gain access to a broad selection of options to help you customize your campaign and more efficiently reach your goals. Choose from over 90 categories, geo-targeting, segment targeting and more to precisely target your ideal customer with pin-point accuracy.

Our predictive algorithm meanwhile gives you advance advice on the costs and revenues of different campaigns. This way, you can ensure that you’re working within your budget, while guaranteeing a healthy ROI for your efforts. You’ll know the precise cost of any click throughout our network thanks to the huge amount of data we’ve accumulated.

We give you full access to all that data and complete control so that you can choose what works for you – we never optimize clients’ campaigns for our own profit.

Highly Efficient Platform
Maximum Performance and Efficiency

The Onwardclick platform is build on a combination of traditional rack-mounted servers and is fully Cloud enabled. This way, we assure tight control over our data and watertight security and can scale our operations and processing capacity as needed.

SSD technology allows us to rapidly reduce response time to within 30 milliseconds or less. This allows us to keep up with today’s demand for lightning fast responses and keeps everything running quickly and efficiently.

On top of this, we offer an accessible back-end that keeps the user in mind. You’ll have full control over your campaign at all times, via a user-friendly interface.


We are a quality driven, global network that offers clean Audience Building (so call PV/TOS) traffic as well as Premium/Conversion traffic via OnwardClick (www.onwardclick.com) our XML/CPC network. Via OnwardClick, we score and filter all traffic using Forensiq or IAS as well as our own internal scoring solution to insure that each visitor is real and motivated.

We also offer an option to drive traffic and action basis (CPM, CPL or CPA, CPI or any types of CP...) via our sister company EnContext Media (www.encontextmedia.com).

EnContext Media owns and operates several web properties and works with top publishers offering banners, video, contextual ads, sponsored articles and other options for online ads opportunities.

Overall, we manage 1.5 billion searches daily, and have the opportunity to reach any country and most verticals. All traffic that we manage is scored (Forensiq, IAS, DV) and filtered (1 click per IP/ad/search per day, valid referrer, etc., to insure that we provide legitimate users. Additionally we monitor traffic 24/7 thanks to offices in the SF/Bay Area and Israel and have a team of Account Managers who optimize the traffic daily.

Finally we offer a Risk Free tryout for our CPC traffic and provide new advertisers with the option to test our traffic free of charge for the first few days of their launch for up to 3000 clicks. If they do not like it there is no charge.

I'll be happy to explore any option if there is possible synergy between our companies. In the meantime, invite you to check out our short PPP at http://onwardclick.com/OnwardClick_Who_We_Are.pdf


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